March 2022

A Dutch edition of The Age Between, titled Tussentijd, translated by Joke Linders, has been published by Schaep14.

My new book, The Age Between: Personal Reflections on Youth Fiction, was published by Fincham Press (University of Roehampton) on 4 November 2020.

An Italian translation, L'età sospesa, was published by Equilibri in September 2020.

François Ozon's film ÉtÉ 85, based on Dance on My Grave, was released in France and Belgium on 14 July 2020. The English subtitled version, Summer of 85, was released on 23 October in Curzon Cinemas and for streaming on Curzon Home. Received with many favourable reviews. I'm delighted with the adaptation. It's faithful to the book, while making the kind of changes necessary for a film.

Dance on My Grave is available as a separate edition in the Definitions series from PenguinRandomHouse, available from independent booksellers and Amazon. An edition combining Breaktime and Dance on My Grave, and an ebook edition are also available.

The French edition of Dance on My Grave has been reissued as a tie-in with the film, given the same title, ÉtÉ 85, and using the image from the poster of the film on the cover. A new tie-in of the Dutch edition has published by Querido's.

A high-quality hardback of a collection of my ghost stories, Dead Trouble & Other Ghost Stories, lavishly illustrated by Randy Broecker, with front cover artwork by Les Edwards, was published in April 2020 as A Stephen Jones Book for PS Publishing Ltd. A high-quality cased edition, signed by myself, Stephen Jones and the illustrators, is also available.

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