August 2016

Penguin have published an edition of Postcards from No Man's Land in their new series of reprinted youth novels called 'The Originals'. Launched on 4 August, the first batch includes ten titles. I'm very pleased by this revived edition of Postcards. Penguin have reset the text in a pleasantly spaced design of the page, with an appealing cover using the famous original Penguin orange as the background colour. I am delighted with it and hope it will attract many new readers. ISBN 978-0-141-37168-9. UK 7.99 Canada $16.99.

New in the Essays and Articles section: 'Plays for Young People 8 to 18 to Read and Perform'. This is the Introduction to my Signal Bookguide published in 1982, in which I tried to draw attention to plays written for the young which flourished between the 1950 and the mid-1980s. In that period children's and youth fiction and poetry were taken more and more seriously by teachers, librarians and critics. But plays as an important form of literature were overlooked. Though things have changed since the mid-1980s I hope my Introduction to the out-of-print guide, which surveys the long history and the then current state of plays for the young, might be useful to any who are interested in children's and youth theatre, in drama-in-education, and in children's and youth literature.

New, redesigned editions of the Chinese translations of Tell Me and The Reading Environment, including illustrative photographs, have been published by Beijing United Publishing Co. Ltd.

A Russian translation of Tell Me with The Reading Environment was published in November by Samokat Publishing House, Moscow. Translated by Ekaterina Oleynikova and Eugene Karpov, it includes a Preface by the writer Olga Gromova and an Afterword by Alexey Oleynikov, a teacher of literature.

My Italian publisher Rizzoli launched their edition of one of my first short youth novels, now called Shadows on the Sand, in February, with the title Ombre sulla sabbia, translated by Beatrice Masini. This was originally published as Marle in 1968. I have revised it for this new version.

I've added to the Essays and Articles section: 'From Page to Stage', which deals with the adaptation of novels to the stage using the Flemish adaptation of my novel The Toll Bridge as an example. 'Finding the Form', which outlines notes towards a poetics of youth literature. A column on youth literature written for the Italian newspaper Carrier della Sera. An 'Afterword' written for the Italian edition of Shadows on the Sand (Ombre sulla sabbia).

I am now helped by literary agents Stephanie Thwaites and Emma Bailey at Curtis Brown Group, Haymarket House, 28-29 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4SP.


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